Fitness Vocabulary

Fitness lingo got you down? Strengthen your fitness vocabulary and rock your next workout or class like a pro! Fitness vocabulary focuses on common words and phrases used in fitness classes, with physical therapists, personal trainers, or in blogs you're reading. Avoid that awkward moment of smiling and nodding and get confident with lingo. Understanding what's going on will help you get more out of your workouts. Don't forget to sign up for email and get the latest blog posts at Empower Your Wellness right to your inbox!

  • Fitness Vocabulary

    The Difference Between Concentric, Eccentric, & Isometric Muscle Contractions

    Fitness terms can get confusing. The idea for this post came to me in the middle of a Body Pump class. As do many of my writing ideas. Instructors often make reference to different types of muscle contractions during the workout, with little to no explanation, leaving newbies to fend for themselves. In this case, the instructor was hyperfocused on repeating the word “eccentric.” So I began to wonder, how many in the class aren’t sure what that is? Now it’s not necessarily the fault of the instructor, they aren’t required to give you a full dissertation on each word. But I encourage you to learn as much as you…