Empower Your Wellness is written by an exercise loving physical therapist and fitness instructor. This section covers everything fitness with tips and tricks on how to do your best and avoid injury.

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    Tabata vs. HIIT vs. Interval Training – What’s the Difference?

    Tabata, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), and interval training are all terms thrown around the fitness scene. These terms are often used interchangeably and sometimes incorrectly, even by fitness professionals. What’s the difference between these workouts and which one might be right for you? Let’s take a look at the science, the pros, the cons, and the bottom line. Disclaimer: Always seek proper instruction before initiating an exercise program. Not everything is great for everyone! Consult with your qualified health care practitioners for an exercise program tailored to your needs. Stay healthy and injury-free people! Read the full disclaimer. Tabata vs. HIIT vs. Interval Training Tabata and HIIT are forms of interval training. But…

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    12 Ideas to Make Home Workouts Less Boring

    As a class person, I always struggle with home workouts. For me, it’s just not the same. Yet I still have tons of home workout options for when I need them. (Because something is always better than nothing.) Some of my best home workouts have been what I refer to as my “snowstorm workouts.” I had nowhere to be and wasn’t constantly checking my watch. Somehow that narrative was more motivating than “I could have gone to a class, but I didn’t.” At one time or another, you’ve needed to do a home workout. During these uncertain times, you may be faced with home workouts as your only option for…

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    Questions You Should Be Asking to Reach Your Fitness Goals

    New year, new you, or so they say. Health and fitness goals are often at the top of everyone’s list. You bought that gym membership or class package. You laced up those new shoes, slapped on a fierce new outfit, nothing was going to stop you. For the boys reading, maybe you got some new headphones, or a new outfit too. Good for you. But then a few weeks or months later, your fitness routine ended up on the back burner, again. You know how this song goes. Do you struggle to maintain a successful fitness plan? Everyone has their own set of unique challenges. But, there are some essential…

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    Beginner Friendly Guide to Strength Training Equipment

    Strength training is an essential component of a well-rounded fitness program. Not only does it boast numerous health benefits, but it’s also an integral piece to that highly coveted fit look everyone is after. If you have little to no experience, strength training equipment can be extremely intimidating. No one ever wants to admit they don’t know what they’re doing. Why are there so many different kinds of strength training equipment? Which ones are the best? Where do I even start? What the heck does that thing do? Do I need that? Kick that anxiety with some background information before you get there! This article will introduce you to common…

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    Fall Fitness Refresh

    The fall season is starting to make an appearance. It can be a struggle to let go of the laid back days of summer, but fall always seems like another fresh start. That feeling is probably an old memory of buying brand new shiny school supplies and gearing up for a new swimming and diving season. Even if back to school is not in your plans, there’s no better time to get back to fitness. Refresh your fall fitness routine with these five ideas to stay active. Disclaimer: Always seek proper instruction before initiating an exercise program. Not everything is great for everyone. Consult with your qualified health care practitioners…

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    Foam Rolling 101

    There’s a lot of buzz around foam rolling. Walk into any gym or physical therapy clinic, and you’ll see these cult favorites in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Is there one in your house staring at you right now? Are you a regular roller? Or does it collect dust like all the other home fitness gear? Because we always use the home fitness stuff we buy… In some ways, foam rolling has become the new go-to solution for troubleshooting musculoskeletal aches and pains.  But why? What is foam rolling actually doing? Is it worth all the hype?  Let’s explore. Disclaimer before we get into the nitty-gritty: Always seek proper instruction before initiating…

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    Vacation Workout Hacks

    It’s August and for many that’s synonymous with a last hurrah summer vacation before September sling-shots you back to reality. Depending on your plans, it might be challenging to take your workout with you. Those all you can eat breakfast buffets and pool-side cocktails add up fast and can spiral you off your workout routine in a hurry. Take your workout on the go with these easy vacation workout tips to help you stay on track and enjoy your time off.  Check out the hotel gym. One of the most obvious suggestions, but many hotels do have a fitness center! This is easy to scope out in advance on the hotel website…

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    Group Fitness Class – A How to & Etiquette

    So, you’re bored with the same old treadmill or elliptical workout, plugging away on a mouse wheel to nowhere. You’ve walked past those group fitness classes in action at your gym. Wow, that seems more fun. But I could never do that because (insert excuse here). Are you intimidated by group fitness classes? Read this. Group fitness classes are less intimidating than you think. But there are some essential tips you should know before you jump in to make sure you’re warmly welcomed and not crowded out. Today we’ll go over some tips and etiquette to make sure your first group fitness class is a success to keep you coming…

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    7 Tips for Staying Consistent with Exercise

    Show of hands, who struggles to stay consistent with an exercise program? Have you ever wanted to add more fitness into your life but really don’t know where to start? We all have the best intentions. But let’s be honest: life gets in the way. With an endless list of obligations and distractions competing for your attention, there can be little time left over for exercise and self-care. Building a plan that works for you will help you take successful strides toward your goals. In this article, I’ll be outlining some tips to help you go from yo-yo exercising to forming a sustainable plan so you can stay consistent with…

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    Why You Need Yoga & How to Get Started

    I can’t do yoga, I’m not flexible. If I had a dollar…. I’m not flexible is just one of the many myths that prevent more people from enjoying the benefits of yoga. Saying you’re not flexible is precisely why you should do yoga, among other benefits which I’ll get into later. Instagram is chock-full of pictures of beautiful people standing on their heads, twisted up in a Cirque du Soleil-like fashion. If that’s your only exposure to yoga, then I totally get it. That is pretty intimidating, enough to scare most people away. Luckily, that’s only a small representation of what modern-day yoga actually is. Yoga is for everybody. There is a yoga level…