Empower Your Wellness is written by an exercise loving physical therapist and fitness instructor. This section covers everything fitness with tips and tricks on how to do your best and avoid injury.

  • Fitness

    7 Tips for Staying Consistent with Exercise

    Show of hands, who struggles to stay consistent with an exercise program? We all have the best intentions. But let’s be honest: life gets in the way. With an endless list of obligations and distractions competing for your attention, there can be little time left over for exercise and self-care. Building a plan that works…

  • Fitness

    Why You Need Yoga & How to Get Started

    I can’t do yoga, I’m not flexible. If I had a dollar…. I’m not flexible is just one of the many myths that prevent more people from enjoying the benefits of yoga. Saying you’re not flexible is precisely why you should do yoga, among other benefits which I’ll get into later. Instagram is chock-full of pictures of beautiful…

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