Injury Prevention

No one has time for injuries. Often small tweaks can make the difference between a healthy workout program and constant injuries. The injury prevention section covers tips and tricks to help you prevent injury.  

  • woman tying sneaker how to choose the best workout shoes for your feet
    Injury Prevention

    11 Signs You’re NOT Wearing the Best Shoes for Your Feet

    Are you wearing the best workout shoes for your feet?  How would you know, and why does it matter? With 26 bones, 33 joints, and 100+ ligaments, tendons, and muscles combined, the foot provides a stable base and absorbs sensory input for the body to make good decisions about movement. That kind of complexity is precisely why you shouldn’t just slap any old pair of shoes on and call it a day. Comfortable, supportive, workout shoes that fit properly should be first on your list. Wearing the wrong workout shoes can not only lead to foot issues but injuries further up the chain as well. Today’s article will explore 11…

  • fit woman clutching knee home workout injury
    Injury Prevention

    Helpful Hints to Prevent Home Workout Injuries

    Most people don’t have the luxury of a full home gym set up. If you’re trying to keep up with your fitness routine at home, I applaud you. Injuries don’t care where you’re working out. If you’re reading this during COVID-19, access to physical therapy and other services is limited. Here are some injury prevention tips for your home workout to help you stay healthy and injury-free. The floor matters more than you think Gym floors are made with materials to absorb shock. At home, especially basements, this may not be the case. What this means for you: higher impact moves may start to give you some pain. The less…

  • people riding a spin bike in a spin class
    Injury Prevention

    Simple Tips to Prevent Cycle Class Injuries

    Are you looking for a fun alternative to the same old treadmill? A high energy indoor cycle class is a great way to sweat it out to some feel-good music. Time flies when you’re having fun. A cycle class comes with all the benefits of cardio exercise. Plus, it’s a low impact workout to give your joints a break. What could be so hard about riding a stationary bike? Just hop on and start pedaling. It turns out; a lot can go wrong. Enter: cycle class injuries. How do you prevent cycle class injuries? Stick around, and I’ll let you in on some simple secrets. Disclaimer: Always seek proper instruction…

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    Injury Prevention

    Improve Your Body Awareness for Injury Prevention

    Do you always feel like the uncoordinated one of the group? Do you feel like you can’t do fitness movements properly, no matter how simple? Do you feel like you frequently get injured because you’re just not coordinated? Do you avoid trying new types of exercise because of fear that you won’t get the movements right, and you’ll look silly? Today we’re talking about body awareness, why it’s important, and how it relates to injury prevention. If you answered yes to any of those questions, this article is for you. And if you didn’t, there’s probably something here to help make you more amazing than you already are. Body awareness…

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    Injury Prevention

    Secrets to a Well-Rounded Fitness Routine

    Everyone is on the pursuit for that elusive magical fitness hack. That quick fix. That one thing that will transform their lives and then (insert skewed vision of outcome here)! Bad news. There’s no one magical thing. (You should have seen this coming, but keep reading!) When it comes to overall health benefits, there is no magical time-saving hack that will produce the same results as a well-rounded fitness routine. In other words, the secret is, there is no secret. Let’s get to it! What exactly does a well-rounded fitness routine mean? The short answer that won’t keep you here all day means having components of cardio, strength training, flexibility, and…

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    Injury Prevention

    Exercise Modifications: Smart Strategies You Need

    Do you feel like you always get hurt exercising? Are you confident with exercise modifications if they’re not provided for you? Do you ignore modifications and view them as a phone-it-in moment? If you’re not using modifications to your advantage, you’re seriously missing out. Exercise modifications are your new best friend. Every person is different, has different anatomy, injuries, and fitness levels. Smart modifications can mean the difference between always being injured and a consistent healthy fitness program. Disclaimer: Always seek proper instruction before initiating an exercise program. Not everything is great for everyone! Consult with your qualified health care practitioners for an exercise program tailored to your needs. Stay healthy and…

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    What’s Really Going On When You Stretch?

    There are an abundance of myths surrounding fitness, and stretching is no exception. Stretching is not a waste of time, yet people often make excuses to get around doing it. If I told you stretching could help you perform a squat or lunge with better form, would you do it? What about have less pain while sitting at your desk? Or have an easier time reaching something in the back seat of your car? Stretching can actually improve other aspects including strengthening, functional activities, and general quality of life. But what actually happens when you stretch? Why should you stretch? How should you stretch? When should you stretch? All this…

  • woman performing a stairmaster workout in a gym
    Injury Prevention

    Stairmaster Workout Tips

    Stairmaster, step mills, stair climbers, steppers. They come in all different shapes and sizes. These cardio machines are found in most gyms and can offer a genuine cardio blast. A Stairmaster workout can get your heart rate up in a hurry and work the major muscle groups in your lower body in a very functional way. When I say functional, I’m referring to movements that mimic activities you might perform in the course of your everyday life. Sounds like a win-win right?!  Time out. Before you go running up the stairs, there are a few things that can sabotage your workout and put you at risk for injury. This article will…

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    Sneakers & More – A Guide to Fitness Footwear

    Let’s talk shoes. When was the last time you went shopping for new workout shoes? Did you know what to buy or did it come down to which sneakers were the most attractive? Or in your size? Or on sale? Because, who can resist a good sale?  If you’ve ever wanted to know all about shoes for your workout, you’ve come to the right place.  Proper footwear matters! In fact, it’s one of the most essential components of your fitness routine. Today we’re breaking down some popular categories so you can feel way more confident the next time you buy workout shoes. Running sneakers have a very textured, grippy bottom to provide traction. This is…