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Fall Fitness Refresh

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The fall season is starting to make an appearance. It can be a struggle to let go of the laid back days of summer, but fall always seems like another fresh start. That feeling is probably an old memory of buying brand new shiny school supplies and gearing up for a new swimming and diving season.

Even if back to school is not in your plans, there’s no better time to get back to fitness. Refresh your fall fitness routine with these five ideas to stay active.

Disclaimer: Always seek proper instruction before initiating an exercise program. Not everything is great for everyone! Consult with your qualified health care practitioners for an exercise program tailored to your needs. Stay healthy and injury-free! Read the full disclaimer.

1. Address Lingering Injuries

Do you have something that’s been bothering you since summer or earlier?

A friendly reminder to address anything that may be lingering before it turns into a more significant issue limiting your favorite activity. Get to your physical therapist for a tune-up.

2. Fall Fitness + Scenic Views

It wouldn’t be a fall-themed post without goals for an outdoor walk or hike. Crisp autumn weather is perfect for some brisk walking. Get some exercise and grab those fall foliage photos at the same time.

Don’t forget to hydrate! Just because the weather is cooler doesn’t mean you can forget about water.

3. Try Something New

Winter is coming. Cold weather and lack of sunlight can be a real motivation killer. Exercise is a wonderful way to tackle those winter blues. If you hate the cold, start looking at indoor options to keep your workouts going. Don’t wait until January when the guilt of all those delicious holiday treats has already set in. Stay consistent now, and have a plan!

Seasonal gym memberships or studio packages are a great place to start looking to try something new. Indoor workouts don’t have to mean monotonous treadmill walking. This might be a great time to try that Yoga or Pilates class!

If you’re lucky, you may even be able to get a package on sale during season changes or holidays. Get fit and save cash? Yes, please! Some community centers also offer activities on a seasonal basis, so check out what’s in your area.

4. Fitness Watch + Yard Work

Wear your fitness watch while doing yard work.

Being active is not only limited to the gym. See how many calories you burn while raking and bagging those leaves. Maybe enough for a pumpkin spice latte?

5. Get Creative

Are you a football fan? Put that adrenaline to good use.

Swipe this idea from my husband, who does push-ups for touchdowns and other exciting plays.

Make a game out of it and design your own points system. And of course, you can substitute anything for push-ups. Do what works for you. It’s a great way to get off the couch and cheer for your team.

Think of the fall season like a breath of fresh air to change up your routine. Avoid the temptation to start hibernating for the winter.

Always remember to listen to your body and modify to what works for you!

What are your fall fitness plans? Leave a comment below.

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  • Amy

    Fall is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and start planning for winter fitness. Thanks for the reminder, I need to get on that! 😉

  • Sam Montana

    Great fitness ideas for the fall. An especially good time of year to get out in the fresh air before winter, now that the sweltering summer temperatures have cooled.

    • Timothy Lin

      Great article Maura! Love the way you incorporated your exercise tips with the fall season. I also enjoyed your personal touch (e.g. your husband doing pushups while watching football). Very creative! Can I count throwing my remote at my TV as exercise???? 😁 Miss your presence…

  • Angella

    I always loved the fall season (especially growing up in the Pacific Northwest) & always viewed it as the best to for rejuvenation! I never waited until the New Years to refresh my wellness routines or set new goals. It was always in the fall as the leaves were changing & everything seems to clear out of the old. 🙂